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Autolog for July - 2014

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K4BAI, John, 5W     fpqso=41 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=5 spc=38 total=4864
FT1000MP, 5W, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Good conditions on all three bands and very low noise. QSOs by band: 20: 16 in 13 SPC. 40: 27 in 22 SPC. 80: 3 in 3 SPC. Three band QSOs from K9PX, WB0CFF, and K8RCF. Thanks guys. Nice to work international QRPer LZ2RS on 20M. Thanks for all QSOs and see you all next month. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

K9PX, Jim, 5w     fpqso=38 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=3 spc=33 total=3861
K2 & 80m loop. Best band tonight was 40m. QSO's: 20m: 3, 40m: 29 & 80m: 9. Thanks to all.. 72, Jim

NQ2W, Will, 5 W     fpqso=27 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=23 total=1863
Ten-Tec Jupiter at 5 W to a 2-element mini beam (10,15,20) at 25 ft and an inv vee (40) at 40 ft. 20 was good for 10 QSOs. 40 delivered 17. Pondered going to 80 but didn't see activity there on RBN...so I stayed put on 40. Two-banders with K4BAI, AB9CA, N8LA, WB0CFF, and K4ARQ. Seemed like participation was pretty good...let's keep it going for next month. Thanks for enjoyable evening wallowing in the mud! oo, Will, NQ2W

ab9ca, Dave, 5w     fpqso=25 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=2 spc=22 total=1694
Ran the FT857 at 5w to 100' wire. Pretty good activity. 20m was the best band here, 16 Q's there. Made 11 on 40. Good geographic spread on 20 OR to NY and even one DX from LZ land. 40 was all E of the Mississippi except for one pesky Texan. Had only an hour before having to tend to other business. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Hope to see ya'all again next month. 73 de dave ab9ca/4

k4wy, Jack, 5     fpqso=21 fpdxqso=2 nonfpqso=3 spc=20 total=1520
FT817 and delta loop @ 70ft. Nice wallow. Quiet band for the majority of the period. All 40 meter QSOs and several new FP calls in the barnyard! Strongest stations from Va were K4BAI, AB9CA and KK0I. Path seemed to alternate between Southeast and Northwest. 72 see you next RTFB.

KK0I, Jack, 5w     fpqso=23 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=17 total=1173
Been a while since my last RFTB...had a nice time. Ran the KX1 and inverted vee at 25' using a K4VIZ Cootie Key. All but two QSOs were on 40 meters. Had two on 80 meters. Look forward to another. 73 de KK0I...jack ... FP# 2510

WPQ, Dave, 5W     fpqso=22 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=2 spc=17 total=1156
The best band tonight was 40M. I made only 6 QSOs on 20M. Participation seemed to be balanced across the nation. The geographic range was CA, OR NH, GA & TX. The robust signals into Nebraska tonight were K9PX IN, K4BAI GA and WBCFF MN. A loud snort to WA2KBZ MO for his 1 Watt signal - nice going. Rig here is a K1 to a G5RV. It was a fun night. 73 to all from FP #1361.

wb0cff, Carl R. Gansen, 5     fpqso=22 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=17 total=1122
Newbie to the Run for the Bacon Hope I did it right Used GenLog v8.0 Ten Tec Eagle @ 5W Thanks for a good time

N5GW, Gene, 3W     fpqso=20 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=18 total=1098
KX3 with internal batteries at 3W to a CFZ. Both 20 and 40 in fair shape, and even one QSO with K9PX on 80. Doubles with K9PX and K4BAI.

KA2KGP, Tom, 5     fpqso=21 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=13 total=832
Nice pigpen oinks, squeels & grunts coming from the 20 & 40 meter pigpens, but 80 meters was full of QRN manure. Rig: IC-700 at 5w. into dipole up 25 ft. 72 to all us piggies.

KF7WNS, Gary, 5W     fpqso=14 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=12 total=516
20M was working ok - 40M not so much (S-9 noise). The first hour was great. See you next month. 72, Gary

AK3X, Peter, 3W     fpqso=14 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=12 total=504
40 Meters was in good shape. Had a good time. Usually do S&P, but even called CQ this time and got a short run going. See you all next month.. 72 and OO... Peter

w1pid, Jim, 5W     fpqso=12 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=10 total=370

K3RLL, Don, 5w     fpqso=10 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=10 total=300
Newly "assembled" K3 to G5RVjr up 35' - Barnyard sounded busy tonight with good, clear oinks from all over the country. Big signals heard here tonight were K9PX and W0PQ. Thanks for the fun and nice contacts. oo & 72 de K3RLL

K4ARQ, John, 5W     fpqso=10 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=9 total=270
KX3 @ 5W to an EF Zepp @ 50'. This was my first RFTB. Tnx to all who worked me. 72

k5jhp, Bill, 5W     fpqso=11 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=8 total=264
Good outing but had to leave after first 46 minutes. Be back next month/

K9JWV, Jim Rodenkirch, 4.6     fpqso=9 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=9 total=243
OK conditions. Wish 40 had opened up a tad!

W4KRN, Karen, 5w     fpqso=9 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=9 total=243
Nice to work a few out west on 20m. Good signals on 40m, but not many piggies that I could hear. Used my SKCC key and OCF dipole at 50ft. Hope to cu all next month. 72 FP#2470

N8LA, Lou Axeman, 5 Watts     fpqso=9 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=8 total=224
Maybe I can't soar with the eagles, but I can fly with the piggies! It is less dangerous than running with the bulls, less disgusting -- only slightly -- than racing with the rats, and definitely less unhealthy than sleeping with the fishes! Listen, coming through the air: it's a bird; it's a plane; it's a flying piggy!!!

KB8J, Tom Davage, 5     fpqso=6 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=6 total=108

WA2JSG, Curt, 5w     fpqso=5 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=5 total=75
Just 5 contacts in the 20 minutes or so I spent in the sprint. Here IC-703, 5 watts into a Butternut HF9V (elevated) off a 12v jumper box. Big ole Kent KT-1 Straight Key. 72 & O O.

ns3c, Richard Hall, 5 Watts     fpqso=5 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=5 total=75

N8BB, Werner, 5     fpqso=5 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=5 total=75
Had some fun and enjoyed the group, guess I could have tried harder but started falling asleep. Thanks all, OINK OINK

KD2FVG, Allen S Malsbury, 5 w     fpqso=4 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=4 total=48
My first contest. Was fun. FP# 3430

VE3DTI, Jose, 5 Watts     fpqso=4 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=4 total=48
KX3 /P at 5W with 43 ft vertical. Four FP QSOs in 4 SPC's, all in 40m. Thank you all, Jose VE3DTI FP #3194.

WB8LZG, Gregg Mulder, 5     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=1 spc=4 total=40
Nice to hear some old friends on tonight. Did not hv much time to play in the sty, but managed to find a few porkers to wallow with. 73 Gregg

AB0CD, Dick Schneider, 5W     fpqso=2 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=2 total=12
Limited time. K2 into a 33' wire vert. w/33' counterpoise field antenna. Could hear much better with the HW-8 DC Rx! 72, AB0CD..

BG4DRL, Ruhao, 20w     fpqso=0 fpdxqso=0 nonfpqso=0 spc=0 total=0

wv8p, Dave, 5     fpqso=3 fpdxqso=3 nonfpqso=0 spc=0 total=0
thank for listening 73 dave